KES 2012 on-site] This Finger-Sized Magic Wand Turns Your OId TV into a Smart One
2012-10-16 4179

Smart TVs are leading the way in the newest lineup of TVs, and one of the distinctive things about them is that they are capable of a variety of two-way functions that are impossible on standard TVs. The only thing that makes most people pause is the price – let's just say they're not cheap. As a result, a considerable number of businesses have been developing and relasing so-called "smart TV upgraders," which allow you to use an ordinary TV like a smart TV. Most of these smart TV upgraders take the form of bulky set-top boxes, but now the advancement of technology is bringing the release of super-tiny models – some little more than the size of a finger.

BBR Displayworks is a company that formerly focused on the development of display products such as TFT-LCD modules, but in recent years it has released a subminiature smart TV upgrader called the Tv POP as part of efforts to expand its business scope.

The Tv POP smart TV upgrader, which BBR Displayworks will be putting on display at this year's electronics show, is based on Android's ICS system. Plug it into the HDMI port on your regular TV, and it transforms into a smart TV, meaning that you can now use interactive functions including web browsing, real time broadcasts, VOD, and games.

Around the size of two fingers, carrying this compact product around with you is no trouble at all, while its sliding HDMI port adds to the elegant design. This product also makes it possible for you to run all of the applications found in the Android market on a large TV screen instead of your more modestly sized smartphone. This is especially suited to education-related apps: download, connect, and hit the books.

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