PVI, its company name changed to E Ink Holdings Inc.
2010-08-04 3622
Yuan Tai technologies, Inc. announced that, on August 2, 2010, it has changed the international version of its name from Prime View International (PVI) to E Ink Holdings Inc. (E Ink). This change was approved at the Annual General Meeting held today. With this change Yuan Tai Technologies reaffirms its strong commitment to ePaper, an industry that it has pioneered for over a decade.

E Ink Holdings Inc. will offer its ePaper products under the brand name 'E Ink' and its LCD products under the brand name 'Hydis'. With over 20 million electronic paper displays in the field, the company's E Ink-branded ePaper displays are used in applications such as eBooks, eNewspapers, eTextbooks, Wristwatches, Smart Cards, Shelf Labels, Battery/Memory Indicators, Mobile Phones, Public Information and Promotional Signs.

@ press release, E Ink Holdings