[Displaysearch]Top 10 Changes for the TFT LCD Industry in 2009
2010-01-04 4178

  1. Merge: CMO, InnoLux and TPO merge into one.

  2. Panel Price: LCD panel prices experienced two up and down cycles: Q1 down, Q2 up, Q3 up, Q4 down and up in the year end!

  3. LED Backlight: The successful launch of the LED backlight began an LED boom and reshaped the whole LED supply chain.

  4. China: Panel makers hurried to announce to plans to build new Gen 7 and Gen 8 plants in China.

  5. Glass: Glass substrates are in shortage and even shorter due to many disasters.

  6. 3D and Touch: The launch of Windows 7 and the increase in 3D movies encouraged panel makers to develop 3D and Touch LCD panels.

  7. China: LCD TV panel demand is stronger than expected due to a surge in demand from China and other regions.

  8. Vertical Integration: Vertical Integration is everywhere: panel makers, TV brands, component and material makers and TV/PC subcontract manufacturers.

  9. Gen 10: Sharp sold Gen 6 to China and ramped up Gen 10 in Japan.

  10. High Transmittance: High contrast ratio and high transmittance technology are booming: Super-PVA from Samsung, AMVA5 from AUO, E-IPS from LG Display, and UV²A from Sharp.

By David Hsieh - Vice President, Greater China Market, DisplaySearch 2009 Dec 22